Family Photographer in Connecticut|Playing in the leaves

I had the pleasure of photographing this family for the first time this fall and holy cow – so cute! I loved seeing the siblings interact and an added bonus? They made excellent little assistants when they were waiting for their turns:)

Fusco 01_webFusco 10_webFusco 12_webFusco 28_web

Seriously, does it get any cuter?Fusco 07_webFusco 09_webFusco 31_webFusco 15_webFusco 06_web

And yes, we really did play in the leaves.Fusco 22_webFusco 23_webFusco 25_webFusco 26_webFusco 17_web

Thanks so much F family! It was great to finally meet you and your beautiful family!Fusco 04_web

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Mary Nutley Devitt

These pictures are beautiful, Jess!