The Girls are S-E-V-E-N|CT Children’s Photographer

And just like that, they are 7 years old. dsc_0917r-edit_webSpunky, crazy and a little bit goofy. A total fashionista and a surprisingly good goalie. DC you make us smile everyday. You are caring, silly, smart and the life of the party. You’re out-goingness continues to impress your socially awkward, once painfully shy mother. You are creative, competitive and a total cuddler. Never let anyone rain on your parade – ever. Continue to be your unicorn-loving, penguin cuddling self. dsc_0897_webdsc_0896_webAnd my sweet little Scooter. You are smart, sweet, and considerate beyond your years. You’re an observer and a feeler. You do the right thing almost always. Your peers are starting to gravitate to you – and I’ve seen you stick up for yourself and others you barely knew. You’re a little silly and you’re quite a little singer. You are so focused in everything you try. You love being the best and you are persistent. You love your “rabbit teeth” as you call them and are way to excited to get your retainer.

I was so worried about you, socially – that you’d be quiet and alone, but boy was I wrong. Your friendly, warm and cheerful spirit draws people in. I love how confident you are in yourself – you are a born leader with a big heart. Never forget that.dsc_0883_webdsc_0891_webdsc_0904_webdsc_0935_webdsc_0939_webdsc_0941_webGirls, you are both kind, caring, sweet, intelligent,friendly and genuine. I am so proud of the girls you are and the people you are becoming. I love you more than I could ever be able to put into words. I wish I could bottle this age up and hold on to it longer – the sweetness, ability to have real conversations and over all good moods and cheery personalities of 7. Time, slow down.dsc_0972-edit_web

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And Just Like That|CT Children’s Photographer

And now they are 7. S-E-V-E-N.

It seems hard to believe. Crazy even.

They are more and more independent each day and growing into themselves and who they will become. They have their own key friends. Their personalities are becoming a bit more concrete. They are fun loving, happy-go-lucky, sweet kids and I am so lucky to call them mine.

I was thrilled that their birthday was on a weekend, because then we could turn it into a family day and a full day of celebrating.

I did send them in with cupcakes on Friday to share at school, too (unicorns for DC, rainbows for Scooter) and they happily wore their birthday crowns and buttons.

CT Childrendsc_0538_webdsc_0541_webdsc_0543_webdsc_0547_webdsc_0549_web

We started the day off right: with homemade pancakes a la mode (topped with party cake ice cream).

dsc_0550_webdsc_0552_webdsc_0553_webdsc_0554_webdsc_0555_webdsc_0557_webdsc_0558_webdsc_0559_webdsc_0560_webThen we spent the day at Fair Weather Acres – SUCH a great time!dsc_0563_webdsc_0564_webdsc_0567_webdsc_0568_webdsc_0569_webdsc_0570_webdsc_0572_webdsc_0573_webdsc_0576_webdsc_0577_webdsc_0579_webdsc_0580_webdsc_0581_webdsc_0582_webdsc_0583_webdsc_0584_webdsc_0587_webdsc_0588_webdsc_0591_webdsc_0592_webdsc_0594_webdsc_0596_webdsc_0599_webdsc_0604_webdsc_0606_webdsc_0608_webdsc_0609_webdsc_0610_webdsc_0612_webdsc_0614_webdsc_0615_webdsc_0616_webdsc_0618_webdsc_0621_webdsc_0623_webdsc_0624_webdsc_0625_webdsc_0626_webdsc_0627_webdsc_0628_webdsc_0630_webdsc_0632_webdsc_0633_webdsc_0635_webdsc_0636_webdsc_0638_webdsc_0639_webdsc_0640_webdsc_0643_webdsc_0645_webdsc_0647_webdsc_0650_webdsc_0652_webdsc_0652_web-2dsc_0654_webdsc_0655_webdsc_0656_webdsc_0657_webdsc_0658_webdsc_0659_webdsc_0660_webdsc_0661_webdsc_0663_webdsc_0665_webdsc_0667_webdsc_0668_webdsc_0669_webdsc_0672_webdsc_0673_webdsc_0674_webdsc_0675_webdsc_0676_webdsc_0677_webdsc_0678_webdsc_0680_webdsc_0681_webdsc_0682_webdsc_0683_webdsc_0684_webdsc_0685_webdsc_0687_webdsc_0689_webdsc_0693_webdsc_0694_webdsc_0697_webdsc_0698_webdsc_0699_webdsc_0703_webdsc_0705_webdsc_0706_webdsc_0707_webdsc_0708_webdsc_0709_webdsc_0712_webdsc_0713_webdsc_0716_webdsc_0719_webdsc_0720_webdsc_0724_webdsc_0725_webdsc_0726_webdsc_0728_webdsc_0729_webdsc_0731_webdsc_0732_webdsc_0733_webdsc_0734_webdsc_0735_webdsc_0736_webdsc_0737_webdsc_0739_webdsc_0741_webdsc_0743_webdsc_0744_webdsc_0745_webdsc_0747_webdsc_0749_webdsc_0750_webdsc_0752_webdsc_0753_webdsc_0755_webdsc_0756_webdsc_0759_webdsc_0761_webdsc_0762_webdsc_0763_webdsc_0764_webdsc_0766_webdsc_0767_webdsc_0768_webdsc_0769_webdsc_0770_webdsc_0771_webdsc_0776_webdsc_0778_webdsc_0779_webdsc_0781_webdsc_0784_webdsc_0785_webdsc_0787_webdsc_0789_webdsc_0791_webLastly we ended with our very first family Hibachi experience. It was a total hit!


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The Story of Festivities|Life Stories Series (CT Lifestyle Photographer)

Welcome to this month’s edition of the “Life Story Series.”

If you’re new or you’ve missed the previous posts, click here to take a look: Life Stories: The Archive.

In case you need a refresher, “Life Story Series” is a 12 month personal project that myself and a group of very talented photographers are participating in. It shows just a little glimpse into our daily lives. It’s a way for us to capture our memories creatively – just us. It’s not about the perfect shot, it’s not about ideal lighting – it’s about capturing those little moments that make our lives ours – the detail, the laughter, the fun, the feeling.

At the end of this post you’ll find links to my photographer friends that’s playing along. It’s a whole big circle of stories in pictures. So grab a cup of coffee (or tea, or wine), click through and enjoy!

Once again, this month comes to you a little late, but for a good reason. My babies are all wrapping up their school year – which means it’s CRAZY busy with field trips, field days, special activities and more. And I knew I wanted to capture their special days (and share them!), so this had to wait. That and mom life has me a little busy so I don’t always take a lot of time to upload & edit….because I like to sleep at night (Just keepin’ it real!)

Anyway…without further ado here’s a gigantic overshare of the last few weeks. School’s almost out for summer!!!

First – we’ve been spending some school nights outside! This is seriously my favorite time of year – they play, and are now old enough to not need constant intervention. They can pull their bin of outside toys out themselves and the husband and I can talk while he grills. PERFECTION!

DSC_8651_webDSC_8652_webDSC_8653_webDSC_8661_webDSC_8662_webDSC_8664_webDSC_8668_webDSC_8671_webDSC_8672_webDSC_8676_webDSC_8685_webSometimes they even work together as a team…nicely!DSC_8689_webDSC_8693_webDSC_8695_webDSC_8698_webDSC_8701_webSometimes the bloopers are the best part. He actually hit this one, haha.DSC_8705_webDSC_8708_webDSC_8709_webDSC_8711_webDSC_8718_webDSC_8721_webDSC_8723_webDSC_8725_webDSC_8731_webDSC_8732_webDSC_8734_webDSC_8736_webDSC_8740_webDSC_8747_webDSC_8753_webThe girls had a special field trip to the Beardsley Zoo. I was super excited because DC LOVES penguins and the just opened a penguin exhibit for the summer! Perfect timing! And luckily, I got to chaperone for her class ๐Ÿ™‚DSC_8755_webDSC_8758_webDSC_8765_webDSC_8767_webI got to spy on Scooter a bit too.DSC_8770_webDSC_8772_webDSC_8773_webIn her glory!DSC_8775_webDSC_8778_webDSC_8779_webDSC_8780_webDSC_8787_webThere was a Books for Bunnies Event at our library – the kids got to read to a bunny! They absolutely loved it (side note: I did too.)DSC_8797_webKudos to this bunny owner. He was so patient and attentive as the kids all read to the bunny and even complimented their ability.DSC_8802_webDSC_8806_webHe wanted to make sure he showed the bunny the pictures, hehe.DSC_8810_webThat same night, gymnastics wrapped up.DSC_8817_webDSC_8821_webDSC_8838_webDSC_8849_webDSC_8858_webDSC_8865_webDSC_8866_webDSC_8868_webDSC_8871_webDSC_8874_webDSC_8875_webDSC_8876_webDSC_8877_webDSC_8880_webDSC_8882_webDSC_8883_webDSC_8884_webDSC_8889_webDSC_8890_webDSC_8892_webDSC_8897_webDSC_8898_webDSC_8899_webDSC_8903_webDSC_8904_webDSC_8905_webDSC_8906_webDSC_8909_webDSC_8910_webDSC_8911_webDSC_8916_webDSC_8919_webDSC_8922_webDSC_8923_webDSC_8927_webDSC_8931_webDSC_8933_webDSC_8937_webDSC_8939_webDSC_8940_webDSC_8941_webDSC_8942_webDSC_8944_webDSC_8947_webDSC_8948_webDSC_8949_webAnd then she came home missing a tooth! DSC_8953_webDSC_8957_webDSC_8960_webAnd I chaperoned Scooter’s trip to the VO-AG Fair at Lyman Hall. LOVE this fair! They do a great job – I’ll miss going with the kids when they outgrow it.DSC_9000_webDSC_9002_webDSC_9007_webDSC_9009_webDSC_9013_webDSC_9017_webDSC_9018_webDSC_9025_webDSC_9027_webDSC_9029_webDSC_9033_webDSC_9034_webDSC_9036_webThe next day this little guy had his turn to go.DSC_9037_webDSC_9039_webDSC_9047_webDSC_9051_webDSC_9052_webDSC_9055_webAnd then it was Field Day!DSC_9061_webDSC_9063_webDSC_9064_webDSC_9068_webDSC_9070_webDSC_9071_webDSC_9076_webDSC_9079_webDSC_9080_webDSC_9085_webDSC_9096_webDSC_9097_webDSC_9101_webMy boy has some lungs on him. Here he is screaming “NINE!” in “What time is it Mr. Fox?”DSC_9110_webDSC_9113_webDSC_9122_webThis is what she does when she realizes I have a camera pointed at her.DSC_9128_webDSC_9129_webDSC_9137_webThe End.

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