Lifestyle Photographer in CT|A little bit of Childhood…unplugged

We’ve been having a great summer and I felt the need to share a bit of our fun…unplugged.

While I love, love, LOVE my big girl camera and fancy lenses (seriously, most love for material possessions ever), sometimes in photography the best camera is the one you have. That being said, these underwater shots were taken with my point & shoot.

Lifestyle Photographer in ConnecticutDFP_7741_webDFP_7742_webDFP_7807_web

DFP_7810_webDFP_7873_webDFP_7885_webDFP_7932_webDFP_7975_web-2DFP_7991_webDFP_7993_webDFP_7997_webDFP_8014_webDFP_8015_webLook at all that loose skin!DFP_8024_webIMG_1046_web-2IMG_1049_web-2IMG_1073_web-2IMG_1094_webIMG_1102_web

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CT Children’s Portraits|She is FOUR

The absolute BEST part of my job is watching families and children grow. It is such an honor to be chosen to capture these precious moments and see a baby grow into a toddler, preschooler, and on. It’s amazing how quickly time goes by and our children grow into these amazing little people with their own personalities, opinions and talents.

Do you remember this sweet little girl? She wasn’t so sure of me at first:P

4 years copyBut now she is a perfectly sweet, smart little girl who has gotten quite good at modeling.DFP_7334_webDFP_7360_webDFP_7293_webDFP_7257_webDFP_7251_webDFP_7254_webDFP_7279_web-2DFP_7277_webDFP_7290_webDFP_7356_web

Is there anything sweeter than some kisses for mom?Child Photographer in CTDFP_7296_webDFP_7357_webFamily Photography in CTDFP_7385_webDFP_7402_web-2Thank you so much, W family – it has been wonderful to watch your family grow! It’s always a pleasure to see you!

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CT Children’s Photographer|The last day of Pre-K

It’s here – SUMMER!

This has been a year – let me tell you! My little girls went from staying home with me full time straight into full day PreK! I was so nervous about the transition. About them being in separate classes. About if they’d be in culture shock. Or scared. Or nervous.

But kids? They are so great with change. The girls transitioned seamlessly into full day school. They made new friends and learned more than I could have imagined. They matured over night and grew into their own a bit more, developed their own voice and individuality (ies?).

But this year? This year stole my babies. It really did.

I’m not sure what happened, I swear I sent chubby little babies to school and this year spit out full fledged little (big?) kids in return.

CT ChildrenDFP_7525_webDFP_7526_webNothing can break their bond – not even being in separate classes:)DFP_7532_webDFP_7534_webDFP_7535_webDFP_7540_webDFP_7544_webDFP_7547_webDFP_7549_webDFP_7550_webDFP_7555_webDFP_7557_webThis face….DFP_7561_webDFP_7563_webDFP_7564_webAlways the goofy one…DFP_7565_webDFP_7569_webDFP_7570_webDFP_7572_webDFP_7574_webAnd for good measure – some side by sides.side by side 1 copyside by side 2 copyside by side 3 copyside by side 4 copyside by side 5 copy


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