And Then they were SIX|CT Children’s Photographer

And just like that, I blinked and here we are. At 6 years old.
DSC_5418_webMy little beauties are growing up so nicely. Sweet, silly and kind girls. I’m not going to lie, the past few months I’ve noticed they’ve been easier on me – growing more independent, more patient. They’re needs have become less demanding and we’re able to talk, have fun, play board games and read (mostly all by themselves!)DSC_5364_webThey also tolerate me posing them much better ๐Ÿ˜‰DSC_5359_webDSC_5327_webDSC_5340_webDSC_5329_webBryan thinks this is her “teacher” picture, lol.DSC_5352_webMini Model.DSC_5389_webThey are also really into posing themselves, too.DSC_5409_webDSC_5404_webDSC_5396_webDSC_5392_webDSC_5414_webDSC_5496_webDSC_5330_webDSC_5346_webDSC_5355_webScooter’s adult teeth are peaking through, she’s already lost 6 teeth. And at the time of this photo, DC had yet to lose any.DSC_5366_webDSC_5333_webDSC_5489_webDSC_5480_webThey are close. A relationship that cannot be matched.DSC_5463_webThey get silly together.DSC_5466_webDSC_5436_webDSC_5443_webDSC_5448_webAnd a bit crazy.DSC_5451_webDSC_5429_webDSC_5424_webDSC_5423_webDSC_5388_webDSC_5482_webDSC_5474_webDSC_5483_webDSC_5390_webDSC_5494_web

CT Children

Sweet girls, stay sweet. Stay loving and considerate. Stay young. Be silly, but know when to turn it off. May you always be there for each other; best friends. You are loved more than you’ll ever know.DSC_5425_web

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