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It’s hard to believe that 5 years ago today, these beautiful girls made me a mother.

Right away, certain personality traits shone through – from DC’s stubbornness to Scooter’s sweetness. Those traits are still there, though I must admit both are perfectly capable of being stubborn and sweet:)

First they turned one.  Sigh. They were so little. And then they hit the “terrible twos” – look how little hair they had! And then they turned three..and well…better late than never. But they did have a party & a letter. And then they turned four.

And now they are FIVE.

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Not so much, but everything has changed since they turned four. They’re baby faces have all but faded away into little kid faces. They’ve grown so much, physically and otherwise. But what makes them tick is still there, shining through.

Scooter is still taller, and still sweet. You follow directions easily and are a star student (even winning the Student of the Month award for the first month of Kindergarten!). You are smart and pick up on every little thing. You have a natural intelligence and a desire to learn how things work and to help people. You are a leader and always want to play your way. You are cheerful, playful (and a little loud!) You are determined and have been making huge gains swimming. Your sweetness has been recognized by others as you are always helping your classmates. You are sometimes a little less sure of yourself and can be a bit of a follower, so it can be a little tough sometimes to figure out what you really like and what you think you should like. You are sensitive yet mature. You’ve lost so much of your baby look and seem so grown up now. Happy Birthday, Scooter! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and love you so much.

CT Children

Ah, and then there’s DC. Silly, sweet, unicorn lover. You love to dress up the dog and enjoy spotting random animals with me. You love to dance and pick up on moves easily when you watch others. You are doing so well in Kindergarten and adjusted easily to this year. You are so sweet and want so badly to be a big girl. On the first day of Kindergarten you came out of your room and said: “I thought I was going to be a big Kindergartener! I’m still little! Why am I still little?” Pengy is still your #1. Happy 5th Birthday, DC! I know you’ve been looking forward to it for a while! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and love you so much!

Connecticut childrenAnd what would this post be without complete and utter picture overload? Here are my five year old beauties!

DFP_9374_webDFP_9375_webDFP_9377_webDFP_9379_webThis is her “I’m humoring you” face. Obviously.DFP_9383_webDFP_9385_webDFP_9390_web-2DFP_9396_webDFP_9399_webDFP_9401_webDFP_9402_webDFP_9409_webI couldn’t decide between color and black & white…so both it is!DFP_9409_web-2Silly.DFP_9417_webDFP_9418_webDFP_9420_webDFP_9420_web-2Can you hear the giggles?DFP_9426_webDFP_9429_web-2DFP_9434_web-2DFP_9446_webDFP_9448_webDFP_9453_webOk. She’s totally over me right now. Can you tell?DFP_9472_webThis just makes me laugh.DFP_9478_webDFP_9482_webDFP_9492_webDFP_9511_webDFP_9521_webDFP_9525_webDFP_9526_webDFP_9529_webDFP_9534_webI have no idea what this face is, but it’s hilarious.DFP_9540_webDFP_9552_webDFP_9553_webDFP_9564_webDFP_9567_webWe’re FIVE!!DFP_9568_web

Happy Birthday, Girls!


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