CT Children’s Photographer|On the Eve of your Fourth Birthday


You are wild, crazy, free and difficult to tame. You hate being asked to do anything. You are crazy and loud. You think outloud and talk constantly. You yell, sometimes without meaning to, but you don’t seem to have a volume control.

You are sweet and loving. You tell me a million times a day that you love me and that I’m your friend. So completely sweet. You ask Daddy if he’s ok when it sounds like he’s hurt himself. You love to play with your sisters and miss them when they are at school.  You make sure to give them each a kiss goodbye before we drop you off at school and again before we put them on the bus.

You love your “new” school and have made so many friends. You are so smart, ahead for your age (even your teacher thinks so, I’m not just making that up). You love to build with Legos and K’nex. You truly are “all boy.” Every “boy” toy you see goes immediately on your list. You’re current obsessions are Baymax (yet you haven’t seen the movie), “turtle pals” and Batman.

You spent a whole year talking about your “‘spicable me” cupcakes, so I made them again for you – only to have you say you wanted batman right after I made them.

You get SO excited about Santa and Christmas. You are strong willed and independent. May you always stay true to you and demand what you want out of life (but hey, it’s okay to bend for your parents once in a while, too!)

We love you so much!

CT ChildrenDSC_1525_webDSC_1530_webDSC_1534_webDSC_1540_webDSC_1546_webDSC_1549_webDSC_1550_webThis is so you.DSC_1558_web-2And lastly, a REAL smile.DSC_1760_webDSC_1764_web


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