The Story of the Swings: Life Stories Series

Welcome to part VIII of my “Life Story Series.”

If you missed out on last months adventure, feel free to click here:  “The Story of a Day at the Zoo.”

In case you need a refresher, “Life Story Series” is a 12 month personal project that myself and a group of  very talented photographers are participating in.  It shows just a little glimpse into our lives. It’s a way for us to capture our memories creatively – just us.  At the end of this post you’ll find a link to one of my photographer friends that’s playing along and she’ll be linking to someone else. It’s a whole big circle of stories in pictures. So grab a cup of coffee (or tea, or wine), click through and enjoy!

This month I thought I’d share something we do often. The swings. Oh, how they love the swings!

It starts with a simple walk to the park.

We get closer. “I HAVE FOUND THE SWINGS!” They think. Or at least, that’s what I think they think. And since I’m their internal monologue for right now, we’ll go with it. As you can see, they’re on a mission.

Let the play time begin!

CT newborn photography

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed the crocs. Hideous, aren’t they? I admit, I was anti croc for a long, long time. Until we went on a particularly muddy playdate…and wouldn’t you know they’re the girls favorite shoes. They insist on wearing them all.the.time. Of course.

In the words of the little man: “Bbbwweeeee!” Bbbwwwweeeeeeeeee!”

Until of course, he gets bored. See above. He’s busy. He needs to explore.

Connecticut yearbook photos

CT Family Photographer

CT high school senior yearbook photography

Dinner time (and bedtime, hoorah!) is approaching, so we soak in a few more minutes and head home.

Connecticut custom photographer, CT Family photographer

Thanks so much for taking a glimpse into our daily life. If you’ve enjoyed the “Life Story Series” be sure to CLICK HERE to see the next photographer participating  and be sure to like my facebook page so you don’t miss out on Part IX!

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How I love these! My kids are crazy about swings too, and as any photographer knows, getting sharp pics of a kid on a swing is no easy task. I love that one of your girls looking at each other and the one of your son totally laughing. But that last one of her just soaking in her last few minutes…. priceless.

I wish my kids loved the swings that much! They’ll go on for about 2 seconds and then are done. I tried to buy crocs for the first time this week but they didn’t fit both of them right. I’ll still have to deal with muddy sneakers!

my youngest would stay on a swing all day if i let him.. looks like they really had fun! and i love love the shot of the twins on the swings looking at each other.. that would look so cute blown up big in their bedroom or playroom they looks so happy!

such gorgeous swing shots!! I love them all. You can just see the delight on their faces!

You can tell how much they love the swings. I love all their energy and enthusiasm!

Thats some mad skills you have there lady! Sharp swing pics just awesome. Loved each and everyone of these.

Love these! & YES.. I hate the looks of crocs too! I got Addi a pair for the beach and since then thats ALL she wants to wear. Even with outfits they dont match! lol!

Liat Biderovsky

Oh Danielle! I just LOVE how you tell a story so beautifully without the need for words really (though the words are beautiful too :-)) That last image with her eyes closed just melts my heart. I super duper adore these ALL!

Nothing better than swings!

They are simply too cute for words. Very, very sweet!

OK your sharp swing pics are wonderful! I obviously need a tutorial because yours rock!

That last pic of her just enjoying everything is wonderful.

Beautiful images of a fun day 🙂

These are fantastic!! I love all the different perspectives and the motion, and their sweet sweet faces. Swings are the best, and you captured this day perfectly.

[…] If you missed out on last months adventure, feel free to click here:  “The Story of the Swings.” […]

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