Dinosaur Shower|CT Baby Photographer

When some of my closest friends told me they were expecting, I was so, SO excited for them – just about as excited as when I found out about my own pregnancies.

When she told me it was a boy, I was shocked. SHOCKED. I was sure it was a girl. But anyone who knows me probably knows that I’m pretty much wrong 100% of the time, so I guess just keep that in mind if I ever predict the sex of your unborn child.

I already know they’ll be amazing parents, so now we just need to wait until he’s ready to make his grand entrance.

Here are just some of the highlights from their adorable dinosaur themed shower.


L &L thank you for letting me be a part of this happy occasion. I can’t wait to meet your little boy.

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Looks like they had lots of fun! Congrats to the new parents to be!

Clarice Fujita Hendel

How fun does this look? What nice shots you captured for them too!

Adorable! What a cute party:) Congrats!

So beautiful!! What a beautiful little collage of such beautiful memories for this mama-to-be!!

Great job!

I'm so sorry I had to miss it. You look fantastic. Oh what a lucky baby!

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