The Story of Miniature Mommies|Life Stories Series

Starting this month – and for the 11 months that follow, I’ll be posting one post a month as part of a “Life Story Series.”

What is it? It’s a 12 month personal project that myself and a group of  very talented photographers are participating in.  It features totally candid, lifestyle shots of  our own families and lives. It’s a way for us to capture our memories creatively – no posing, just us.

Each month we’ll post part of the series “The Story of ________” (we’ll each be filling in our own blanks). Each photographer will tell their own story in images – a different story for each month.  At the end of this post you’ll find a link to one of my photographer friends that’s playing along and she’ll be linking to someone else. It’s a whole big circle of stories in pictures. Click through and enjoy!

This month, I’ve chosen “The Story of Miniature Mommies.” (I was going to go with a Halloween theme, but you’ll have to check back on Monday for that!)

Like it? Click on!

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These are so beautiful, Danielle!!!! What sweet captures of your girls being girls!! My fave is the one of them laying the babies down together between the trees! Magic!!

How cute is this?? I love miniature mommies.

Oh My – just precious! What good little mini mommies!

OMG. LOVE these!! I want to scoop them up, smooch their round little cheeks and be a part of their adorable, make-believe world. These are beautiful memories you’ve capture <3

They are such cute little mamas.

Train ’em young! So darling… love the story this tells…. 🙂

Love all the little details. They look like they’re having so much fun!

so cute!! little mommies in the making! love it!

OMGoodness! What an adorable story! Absolutely gorgeous captures!

Such darling little mommies! Love this story Danielle and love the fall colors in your images!

SO fun!! Lovely lighting and color- and your girls are adorable!

Oh these just melt my heart. Your daughter is so beautiful and I love how you have captured these. So heartwarming.

Aww how cute are they! Mini Mummies. To cute. Love the light too

I love the richness of your processing. These are awesome. They look like they’re very busy taking care of their babies. 🙂

WOW Danielle! These are so beautiful and so vivid. I love the story!


so perfect, love your entry and of course those gorgeous girls of yours!

they are just so cute and will be great mommies like you. Love this story

Adorable! You captured them so well. Love the story!

Aww I love how well they care for their doll babies! LOVE the B&W last in the third row.

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You have the sweetest girls! Gorgeous colour and captures of girls displaying their ‘mommy’ gene

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