8 Months, Continued: CT Infant Photographer|CT Baby Photographer

Okay, let me just start off by saying that getting children to look at the camera isn’t always easy. More than just one child looking at the same time? Even harder. Now, want to make this even more complicated? Simply use a tripod (sans remote) and have the photographer in the picture.

Here are my girls for their 8 month photo-shoot.

I love this one, diaper showing and all.

And I really, really love this one.

I’ll be printing both, but am having trouble deciding which one will get printed big. I’m leaning #2. Feel free to let me know which one you think deserves some hefty wall real estate.

And just to prove that it’s not always easy to get them both content, here are a few bloopers.

Showing some nifty new teeth:

“It’s okay, Mom will stop torturing us soon.”

And silly face:

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OMG – I love them both… but the smiles in #1 make me want to blow that one up HUGE! Either one will look awesome! Great work!

Lisa Lanza

I vote #2 – it looks like a Gap Jeans ad!!!

These are so awesome!! I love the first one!

Totally precious!!!

awe they are so adorable!!! i think i like #1 best..but you could easily go either way!!

Carrie Walter

I love them both … too hard to choose … I like the smiles in the first one but I also like the coordinating jeans is the second one … I’m going to have to go with the second one – love the jeans and they both have pretty much the same looks on their faces! Great job Danielle with the tripod by the way and I love the ‘blooper’ pictures. They are all keepers!


Those two shots straight after each other…one of the girls crying and the next shot, being comforted by her sister…just priceless!

They are too cute! I have a photo of me and my twin comforting eachother too! Love it!

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